Medical Machine

Ultrashort Wave Treatment Device



The State-of-the-Art RISETRON Ultrashort wave Treatment Device

This easy-to-use Ultrashort wave treatment device effectively warms areas deep within the body, and has a slim, portable design with simple operability.



Probe Model Makes Treatment Simple

Using the probe achieves pinpoint accuracy in reaching deep tissue. In addition, as the probe touches the target area, it provides a massage to encourages deep tissue circulation.

Slim, Space-Saving Design for Any Installation Area

The slim, compact design of the body, which is approximately 13cm deep, makes it possible to set up anywhere.

Achieves Excellent, Deep Warming Effects

The shortwave energy vibrates at 27,000,000 times a second, creating warming effects deep within the body. Targets deep tissue areas.

Slim & compact. Feels easy to use.

Loaded with Large, Adjustable Output Volume

Loaded with a large, adjustable output volume that boasts excellent visibility and ease of operability by incorporating an LED level display.

Possible to See Status via Newly Developed Display

Standardly equipped with a clearly visible white LED dot matrix display. This makes it possible to quickly view the device status.

Includes Convenient Probe Holder

Includes two probe holders. The holders move around to match the treatment style.

Usage Examples


For stiff shoulders, the trapezius muscles, and scapula muscles.


For chronically painful knee joints.


For elbow joint pain.


For lower back pain in fascia and muscles.

Device Specifications

Product Name RISETRON
Medical Device Certification Number 224ALBZX00022000
Generic Name Ultrashort Wave Treatment Device
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Shock Protection Type Class I
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 200VA
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Button
Power Fuse: 5A
Dimensions 363W×456D×125H(mm)
Weight 11.0kg±10%

Ultrashort wave Specifications

Ultrashort wave Output 45W+5W/-10W
Oscillating Frequency 27.12MHz±162.72kHz
Treatment Timer 1-60 Minutes
Output Channel 1