Uses Unique Special Electric Stimulation Apparatus

Random access waves consist of four types of frequencies (multiple high broadband complex waves) that switch at random, with a hammer interval that also has a random low frequency.
Since the electric energy is reduced through skin absorption, the discomfort felt is minimal.
In addition, the constantly changing waveforms, frequencies, voltage and current provide sufficient stimulus to the treatment area along with analgesic effects, which holds promise for clinical applications and rehabilitation.

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Output Up to 380Vp-p

Neo V3 (V-cube) wave is short for “valuable vertical voltage” waveform. These waveforms superimpose electric stimuli on top of one another by pulsing at a higher voltage than conventional waveforms. Adding these Neo V3 (V-cube) waves makes it possible to achieve a maximum output of 380Vp-p.

NEO V3 Characteristics

Superimposing Low Frequency and High Frequency Waves
Superimposing the high voltage pulses of high frequency waves on top of low frequency waves creates a synergistic effect, resulting in effective electric stimulus deep within.
Instantaneous High Voltage Pulse
Electric stimulus from instantaneous high voltage pulses effectively contracts surface muscles and inner muscles while minimizing the pain of the electricity.

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A Globally Recognized Patented Waveform

The altering high frequency electric current is absorbed by the body while being gentle on the skin. The electric wave penetrates deep into the body, sending out various types of low frequency waves. Due to the excellent deep penetration capabilities, the waves strongly penetrate regardless of fat and muscle thickness.
This deep muscle exercise results in improved toning of the body and encourages muscle relaxation.

special waveform

M-Cube Characteristics

Excellent Deep Penetrating Capabilities
M-cube waves are not affected by fat and muscle thickness, and can target inner muscles that are difficult to train in conventional exercise.
Stimulates with Minimal Discomfort
The feeling of the stimulus has none of the stinging pain characteristic to electricity.
Effective at Anytime
It is thought that stimulated muscles lose their activating potential over time.M-cube waves vibrate while changing their frequency range. Because the muscles do not habituate to this electric stimulation, the treatment is effective at targeting various muscles.



Aiming for the Softest Sensation

A wide range of treatments and effective applications are possible due to the wave’s sinoidal (sine wave) shape, which softly stimulates the body. Even though the stimulation is soft, the changing frequency prevents the body from habituating.

PDM Wave Characteristics

The Sine Curvature Changes as It Passes Through the Body
In passing through the body, the shape of the wave begins to resemble a sine wave. As this happens, small, high frequency pulses effectively create softer, higher frequency wave structures.
Charges the Body with Soft Stimulation
The electrical current is provided in small increments to address the equivalent electrostatic capacity of the body. The current volume gradually rises, achieving a stimulus that is softer on the body.