M-Cube Waves, A Patented Technology Revolutionizing EMS

EMS is short for electric muscle stimulation. EMS moves the muscles by providing direct electric stimulation. In addition to muscle training, EMS can be used for a wide range of applications, such as improving muscles for rehabilitation and toning, rejuvenating the body, and more. Our company’s unique patented M-cube wave technology is opening up new, never-seen-before potential for EMS. Our technologies or beloved across a wide spectrum, including families, beauty salons, the health and beauty industry, and professional athletes. We provide products, aiming to become the best partner for people to live with smile and healthy in their daily lives.

Business Description

Planning, development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of beauty equipment and other products / Sales, PB planning and development of cosmetics and other beauty products / Manufacture and sales of dedicated sports models / Introduction of equipment to sports players

Development and Manufacturing of Privately Branded Products

We create various in-demand products using our original patented technologies. Growing with the customer, we are the ideal partner in providing successful support for privately branded products, with responsible staff who will attend to everything from product planning to aftercare.

Product Introduction


Professional-use EMS equipment equipped with our proprietary "M-Cube wave" system, with 3 modes + 4 channels and 8 pad outputs to accommodate various treatment situations.

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SERAPM Cell Heat

Professional beauty equipment equipped with RF (radio frequency). It can simultaneously perform suction + roller rubbing and RF output. In addition, three types of probes of different sizes and shapes can be used to approach the entire body.

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SERAPM Core cube

This is an EMS device for home use equipped with our originally developed "M-Cube wave". It is equipped with three modes that vary according to the area and purpose of use: "BODY", "FACE", and "RELAX".

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SERAPM Parfect Bright

Home-use beauty equipment with LED and EMS. 3-way specifications allow you to choose from head, face, and point treatments. Compact, lightweight, battery-powered, and waterproof, it can be used anytime, anywhere for total care.

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