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Our Business

While focusing on the development, design, manufacturing, and sales of physical therapy equipment and medical application equipment, we aim to create a healthy society with our unique technology.

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Medical division

A physical therapy device reduces a patient's pain and symptom.The TECHTRON Series consists of high performance physical therapy devices loaded with random access waves, which were developed in house by Techno Link.
This original stimulative electric waveform has obtained a patent in Japan as a biostimulator device. This waveform can target deeper and more effectively, allowing for a wider range of precise physical therapy treatments.
Techno Link is proposing entirely new treatment methods for the medical field by developing and selling new technologies and products that pursue reliability and peace of mind.

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Beauty and sports division

We develop mainly EMS beauty machines and professional-use conditioning machines equipped with our unique patented technology 'M-Cube Wave'. While utilising the technology developed in the medical sector, we propose products that can be used safely not only at home, but also in aesthetic salons, in the beauty care industry and even by professional athletes.

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EMC test division

Technolink carries out all EMC testing required for medical device marketing authorisation/certification applications in-house.
The Sado EMC Centre, completed in 2005, is capable of measuring field strength and power port motorised disturbance according to standards such as CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference).