Medical division

Providing a New Style of Physical Therapy Using Original Patented Technology

A physical therapy device reduces a patient's pain and symptom.The TECHTRON Series consists of high performance physical therapy devices loaded with random access waves, which were developed in house by Techno Link.
This original stimulative electric waveform has obtained a patent in Japan as a biostimulator device. This waveform can target deeper and more effectively, allowing for a wider range of precise physical therapy treatments.
Techno Link is proposing entirely new treatment methods for the medical field by developing and selling new technologies and products that pursue reliability and peace of mind.

Business Description

Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of physiotherapy equipment such as low-frequency therapy devices with proprietary waveforms

Product Introduction



Highly functional low-frequency therapy device series. Equipped with the independently developed "Random Access Wave" and "Neo V³ (V-Cube) Wave", the wide range of treatment modes allows for reliable treatment tailored to the symptoms of each individual patient.

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エグゼトロン606 Plus

EXETRON 606 Plus

A series of low-frequency therapy devices designed for ease of use in the medical field. Operator-friendly, with a wide range of output waveform patterns to suit the patient's symptoms.

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A series of physiotherapy equipment that combines the functions of low-frequency and ultrasound therapy devices. Combination therapy that simultaneously outputs 1MHz and 3MHz ultrasound and low-frequency waves to approach various parts of the body.

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Ultra-short wave therapy device series. Simple operation and a slim shape that can be installed in any location, providing an excellent deep thermal effect.

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