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    Our policy on the protection of personal information

    We at Technolink are highly aware of our corporate social responsibility concerning the appropriate handling of information that could identify specific customers (personal information), such as customers' names, addresses and e-mail addresses, and promise to protect and respect our customers' personal information as follows:

    Each division handling customers' personal information will manage it appropriately by appointing a staff member in charge of its management, as well as implementing stringent security measures.

    We will use customers' personal information in order to implement contracts with customers, develop better products and services and to provide customers with useful information. If we wish to use customers' personal information for other purposes, we will inform customers of the purpose of its use in each case.

    Other than where we have obtained the consent of customers or are permitted to do so by law, we will not provide third parties with customers' personal information. If we do provide third parties with customers' personal information, we will oblige them, by means of a contract, to manage it appropriately.

    If a customer requests to be shown the personal information that we hold concerning them, or asks that it be amended, we will respond as swiftly to this as is reasonable, if they contact our enquiries desk.