Beauty Machine

Household beauty machine RF



Warm just like the hand of an aesthetician… Leads to softer skin.

The ReFiner is a home beauty device using professional grade RF (Radio Frequency) to treat the skin. The electrodes penetrate the skin through the coated gel, and the high frequency electric current provides simple and sufficient care to the face and body.


Product Features

S4 Pola Mode

The unique probe sensor function detects probe movement and whether it is in contact with the skin.
●S4 Pola Mode
・Scene…Observe Conditions
・Self…Safe for Use at Home
・4…Use 4 Electrodes

・The light reacts to the probe movement.
・Output is only enabled when the switch is pushed down.
・Provides effective care to a range of areas by simply rotating.

Fully Equipped Functions

・Easy-to-Understand and Simple Operation
Anyone can easily use the simple buttons, which allow you to select modes and start the device.

・Smart and Compact Body
The compact, space-saving body allows you to easily carry out daily care.

・Includes Probe Holder
Includes a probe holder for quickly setting the probe down momentarily.

・Screen Allows You to Note the Device Status with a Quick Look
Quickly note the usage conditions via the illustrated display screen.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM ReFiner
Power Input 40W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform RF Wave
Output Frequency 1MHz
Timer 20 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Safety Device Overcurrent Protection
Overheat Protection
Dimensions Approximately 335W x 150D x 65H (mm)
Weight Approximately 624g