Personal Multifunction Dosimeter

Rainos-6000 Rainos-6000


Specially Made for Visualization

24 Hour Monitoring
Graph to Visualize Changes
Graph to Visualize Accumulated Values
Graph to Visualize Annual Expected Accumulation


Product Features

For Anytime, 24-Hour Visualization

Allows for simple dose rate tests (measuring gamma rays) and simple surface contamination tests (measuring beta rays).
Estimated annual accumulated quantities, accumulated values, and dosage changes are displayed in a graph.
Take measurements and display graphs for a single device.

Easy-to-Read Display

Connection to a computer is not required, since various information can be displayed through the device.

Conducts simple dose rate tests.

■Washing/Drying Area
■Parks, Sandboxes, Gardens

Dose rates are measured to determine the amount of external exposure in the corresponding area. Alpha and beta rays that do not contribute to external exposure are not measured.
Gamma ray strength is displayed in sievert units.

Performs simple inspection for surface contamination.

■Ground/Earth Surface

Surface contamination measures the volume of radiation adhered to the surface of the measured target. It mainly measures alpha and beta rays, counting the occurrence of surface contamination units within one minute. This reading is displayed as CPM.

*Rainos 6000 does not identify the radioactive substances.
It reacts to salts containing potassium, fertilizers, etc.
Though it can detect these substances up to approximately 100-200 CPM, these concentrations do not reach the regulatory standards for surface contamination.

Specifications List

Model GM-ST01
Detector Pancake-Shaped GM Counter
Inlet Diameter 45mm . Mica Inlet
Radiation Measured Gamma Rays / Gamma + Beta Rats / Gamma + Beta + Alpha Rays
Measurement Range BG-2,500μSv/h(2.5mSv/h) *Resolution: 0.001
Measurement Cycle 5.0 Seconds
Graph Time Synchronized with Measurement Cycle
(1 Scale: 5.0 Seconds / Display Range: 10 Minutes)
Alarm 1cm Dose Equivalent Rate (0.1μSv/h~1,000μSv/h)
Accumulated Quantity (1μSv~100,000μSv)
Notification Shake Notification
Sound ON/OFF
Counter Sound Sounds with Every Count
Power AC Adapter / Lithium Ion Battery
Display Range μSv/h 0.000- 2,500
cpm 0 – 999,999
Accumulated μSv 1 – 999,999
Dimensions 85.5W×148.5D×38H㎜
Weight Approximately 420g (Includes Sensor Cover)

Product Configuration

Main Body 1
Sensor Cover 1
USB/AC Adapter 5V 1A 1
USB Charging Cable 1.5m 1
α Ray Block Filter 5 Sheets (1 Sheet Affixed to Main Body)
Operation Check List Sheet (5g Reduced Edible Salt) 1
Manual 1