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Household beauty machine EMS

SERAPM Rafraichir SERAPM Rafraichir

SERAPM Rafraichir

A desire for beauty… The reason this device was made.

The Rafraichir is an M-cube wave home beauty device for individual use. It brings out the beauty of the skin and the body’s contours from within.

SERAPM Rafraichir

Product Features

Special Waveform EMS

●Excellent Deep Penetrating Capabilities
Provides effective muscle exercise without being affected by the thickness of the fat or muscle.
●Gentle Stimulation
The stimulation has none of the stinging pain characteristic to electricity.
●Prevents Habituation While Retaining Effectiveness
The constantly changing electric waves provide consistently effective treatment while preventing the body from habituating.

3 Modes

●4-Beat Mode
Example: Help reduce size and improve the contours of the body,

●Interval Mode
Example… Helps eliminate flabby skin on the body and rejuvenates muscular strength.

●1/F Mode
Example… Helps improve the body’s balance for warming up.

Detailed Level Settings

The detailed level settings range from 0-30, allowing you to operate the device while carefully confirming the levels.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM Rafraichir
Power Input Less than 7W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Waves
Output Frequency 1-1,250,000Hz
Timer 10, 20, 30, 40 Minutes
Safety Device Overcurrent Protection
Dimensions Approximately 120W x 150D x 45H (mm)
Weight Approximately 280g