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SERAPM Perfect Bright SERAPM Perfect Bright

SERAPM Perfect Bright

The beauty is chained between scalp, hair and face.

Perfect Bright is an EMS beauty device with which a special PDM wave is equipped.
It is a 3 way specification which can be selected from head, face and point, so high qualitative skin care can be received easily and more closely.

SERAPM Perfect Bright

Product Features

Total care anytime, anywhere

It is a small size, light weight, water resistant and battery type. So an easy self-care can be performed anytime, anywhere such as shower room and your room.

Innovative Triple Care

With a brush-type head, you can comfortably refresh your scalp while combing out your hair. You can enjoy the head spa at home by using it with shampoo.

It approaches parts you want to care, such as face lines and nasolabial folds.
The device helps you to bring out your charm with an optimal output for facial care.

The point head is good for small areas such as around the eyes and nose that are difficult to care with a brush head.
You can care the concerned parts at a pinpoint. It can also be used to push the points around the neck.

Patented waveform “PDM wave” equipped

The image that the electrical stimulation is painful will be changed. Patented waveform “PDM waveform” is equipped, which is mild sensation and you will feel you want to use it every day. The stimulation is less discomfort and does not have irritating and painful sensation which is peculiar to the electrical stimulation. But it reaches a wide range of areas regardless of depth or thickness of the muscles.

You can select 3 modes

CL mode

In this mode, the power of the electricity thoroughly cleanses dirt that cannot be removed with ordinary shampoo or face wash.
Negative and positive output are switched every 10 seconds, and dirt on pores that is difficult to remove with ordinary home care is also cleaned up.

EMS mode

By the excellent permeability PDM wave can achieve, the device approaches even inner muscles that are difficult to tighten by the ordinary training.
Nevertheless, the sensation is mild and comfortable. Enjoy a new sense of care.

SP mode

Two types of electricity are output alternately.The power of the electricity not only performs muscle exercise, but also makes the moisture penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin.This additional approach to ordinary care is a reward care that makes you happy everyday.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM PerfectBright
Supply voltage DC5.0V (Lithium ion battery)
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 2.0W
Output Waveform PDM Wave
Timer 10 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Dimensions 74W×67D×198H(mm)
Weight 160g