Medical Machine

Low Frequency Treatment Device



The latest model in TECHTRON series. Renewal accomplishes even easier use.

In addition to random access wave and NEO V³ wave on NEO TECHTRON ONE-P6, microcurrent is newly equipped with. 7 modes achieves extended treatments.


Product Features

Random Access Wave + NEO V³ (V-cube) Wave

Loaded with NEO V³ waves in addition to random access wave, expanding the field of use to new medical treatments.

【What is Random Access Wave】
Random access waves consist of 4 types of frequencies that switch at random, with a hammer interval that also has a random low frequency.
Sufficient stimulation with little discomfort sensation is sent to the lesion .

【What is NEO V³ (V-cube) Wave】
NEO V³ wave is short for “Valuable Vertical Voltage” waveform.These waveforms superimposes electric stimuli on top of one another by pulsing at a higher voltage than conventional waveforms.

Shooting electrode attached

A shooting electrode is newly attached. Its shape is easy to hold and use and the treatment to lesion is performed accurately.
Also, 3 types of replaceable heads are equipped with the electrode. They can be chosen accordance with various treatment.

Compact design & detachable heater panel

The size of NEO TECHTRON ONE-P6 Plus is 13% smaller than conventional NEO TECHTRON series. It can be located on narrow space which is difficult to place.
Also, a heater panel is detachable.

Easy-to-see large monitor

You can see the status of the device at a glance by the large monitor with a full HD size and the user interface that is easy to use and see.

Equipped with 6 output waveforms& program mode for wide range of treatment

NEO TECHTRON ONE-P6 Plus is equipped with 5 types of low frequencies with different hammer patterns and microcurrent (MCR) with a special waveform. Combining these modes with treatment time and intervals can make various treatment.
Also, the program mode is newly equipped which can combine and output 5 types of low frequency with MCR.

Hammer Level Settings to Match Symptoms

The hammer provides pounding stimulation, momentarily increasing voltage of low frequency waveform output.Select the range of hammer strength from 0-10. The stronger the hammer, the more the muscles are encouraged to contract.

A variety of electrodes that are adapted to various sites

Device Specifications

Product Name NEO TECHTRON ONE-P6 Plus
Medical Device Certification Number 303AFBZX00080000
Generic Name Low Frequency Treatment Device
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
JMDN Code 35372000
Shock Protection Type Class I Device
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type Applied Part
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 170VA
Dimensions 540W×515D×1245H(mm)
Weight 43kg

Output Specifications

Maximum Output Voltage Low frequency 380Vp-p(Under 500Ω Load)
MCR  1.0Vp-p(Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Output Current Low frequency 70mArms(Under 500Ω Load)
MCR  800μArms(Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Suction Pressure -25kPa
Output Frequency Low frequency 1.1kHz-1.6kHz
MCR  1.6kHz
Output Waveform A、B、C、D、E、MCR
Treatment Timer 1-99 Minutes
Output Channel 6