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Multi-treatments for an ideal
beautiful face and body

SERAPM LUMIRISE is a professional-use multi-beauty device for both face and body, equipped with patented waveform M³+ wave (M-cube+ wave), multi ultrasound, RF, and LED.

*Wagon is an optional item.


Product Features

Equipped with patented waveform “M³+ wave“

It approaches deep into the muscles by sending high-frequency radio waves, which are gentle to the skin and easy for the body to accept, into the body's depths while changing them and creating a wide variety of low-frequency waves within the body.

Simultaneous output of multiple ultrasonic waves is possible

Ultrasonic waves of different frequencies are output while switching at high speed, enabling a simultaneous ultrasonic vibration approach from the surface of the skin to the depths of the muscles.

Equipped with high brightness LED

Irradiation from the skin surface to the dermis with red and blue LEDs can be expected to have an effect on the skin due to the color wavelengths.
In addition, simultaneous output with each mode is possible.

Various output modes and probes


・EMS Mode
Patented waveform “M³+ wave” approaches even inner muscles.
The M³+ wave can approach the deepest parts of muscles and inner muscles, which are difficult to stimulate with ordinary exercise, with a sensation of stimulation that the body can easily accept.
・CL Mode
This mode closely cleans dirt that cannot be removed by ordinary cleansing or face washing.
Dirt is adsorbed and removed by creating a bias of electrons by polarization. Ion induction is also possible with the use of the -pole.

・P mode
P-mode is a mode that uses poration to assist in the penetration of beauty ingredients.
High-speed pulses are applied to assist the penetration of beauty ingredients into the skin.

・SP mode
Special care of EMS + poration.
The alternating output of EMS and poration with M³+ waves promotes the penetration of beauty ingredients while approaching the muscles.


Comfortable warmth treatment from the inside with radio waves.
A single probe can be used to perform warming treatments utilizing different frequency characteristics.


Ultrasonic waves of different frequencies provide a wide range of treatments.
Multi-ultrasonic waves with high-speed switching output allow treatment of a wide area with a single probe.

Device Specifications

Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 55W
Output Waveform M-Cube+ Wave
Onboard functions EMS
Multi RF
High-intensity LED
Timer 1-60 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Dimensions 335W×360D×195H(mm)
※Probe holder not included
Weight Approximately 4.2Kg
※Probe holder not included