Space sterilization

Fresh Pro Fresh Pro

Fresh Pro

Thoroughly sterilises spaces with the power of ozone

List price 132,000 yen (incl. tax)

Invisible viruses, bacteria and odorous substances are thoroughly removed by the high sterilising power of ozone. Keeps every inch of the indoor space clean.

Fresh Pro

What is ozone?

Ozone is a substance made from oxygen (O₂); its molecular formula is O₃ with one more O added to oxygen (O₂), it is extremely unstable and has the property of reverting back to oxygen (O₂). This property is used to react with viruses, bacteria and odorous substances, thereby removing them.

99% removal of floating viruses.

Ozone, with its strong oxidising power, is effective in removing viruses.
Also, as ozone is a gas, it can spread throughout the room and remove floating viruses.

Product Features

Three modes for different applications

Device Specifications

Product Name Fresh Pro
Power Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated output DC12V1A
Power consumption 7W
Amount of ozone generated Maximum 30 mg/h
Operating environment 10-40℃(without condensation)
Dimensions Approximately 290W×181D×59H(mm)
Weight Approximately 800g


Where should FreshPro be installed?

Install the unit approximately 30 cm or more away from the ceiling.
Also, install the unit in a location where it is not directly exposed to the wind from a fan or air conditioner.

When using the equipment, always ensure that the level setting is appropriate for the size of the room.
Prolonged use at the wrong room size level may have a negative impact on humans and pets or cause the equipment to malfunction.

How can I be sure that ozone is being emitted?

When the room is darkened and the ozoniser is seen, if the ozoniser glows purple, ozone is being generated.

There is white powder near the ozoniser, what should I do?

Wipe with a soft cloth moistened with water and wrung out well.
The white substance adhering to the product is a substance formed when it reacts with substances in the air during the ozone production process.
It is not dangerous to the human body, but if it comes into contact with your hands, rinse them well with water.

Is FreshPro a medical device?

Fresh Pro is not a medical device.

Can I ventilate while using Fresh Pro?

You may ventilate the room while using Fresh Pro.
In addition, Fresh Pro cannot be used in rooms that cannot be ventilated, as it is necessary to ventilate the room if the ozone-specific odour is bothering you.

Does the use of Fresh Pro have any adverse effects on the human body?

The Normal mode andHigh Speed clean modes are within the range of permissible ozone concentrations in the working environment as defined by the Society for Occupational Health, so there is no adverse effect on the human body.
Power clean mode has a higher ozone concentration and may have an adverse effect, so use the unit in an environment where people and pets are not present.

If Fresh Pro is used in Power Clean mode during the night when no-one is around, is there any danger to human health when entering the room the next day?

The operating time of the Power Clean mode depends on the set size level, but the unit automatically switches to normal mode after the Power Clean mode ends.
When entering a room after the Power Clean mode has finished, please ventilate the room thoroughly before entering, although it is unlikely to have any adverse effect on the human body.

Are there differences in indoor ozone concentrations depending on where Fresh Pro is installed?

Ozone spreads gradually in the room and reaches a uniform concentration, so the concentration should not vary depending on where it is installed.

Can Fresh Pro be left on all the time?

After selecting the size level according to the operating environment, the unit may be operated all the time.

Does the use of Fresh Pro affect indoor houseplants?

The ozone generated may affect houseplants.
Try to keep houseplants out of the room where FreshPro is used.

Can Fresh Pro be used in vehicles?

Not available for use.
Fresh Pro is not intended for use in cars, as the AC adaptor needs to be connected to an electrical outlet when using Fresh Pro, and the space level that can be set with Fresh Pro is from 5m².

Is ozone effective against novel coronaviruses?

Several research institutes have reported that ozone inactivates novel coronaviruses.