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Pursuit of Care Training Recovery

Independent 2CH portable conditioning machine with special waveform M-Cube waves and M-Cube wave microcurrent.
Optional batteries and a special case support your conditioning anytime, anywhere, regardless of location.


4 modes required by trainer


The special waveform of M cube wave can support the muscle activity from superficial to deep part.


EMS training can prevent the injury and support your best performance.


The M-Cube waves are output as microcurrent. The unique microcurrent supports daily conditioning.

Body make

The device helps beautiful and health body making from the appearance to the inside.

Product Features

Optional accessories are prepared both for the portability or installation.

Device Specifications

Product Name CTR2H
Power Input Less than 20W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Wave(2.7kHz)
Output Frequency 1Hz-125,000Hz
Timer 1-99 Minutes or Continuous
Output Channel 2
Safety Device Overcurrent Protection
Short circuit detection
Dimensions Approximately 340W x 225D x 90H (mm)
Weight Approximately 2.5kg