Beauty Machine

Household beauty machine EMS

core b.b core b.b

core b.b

From Face to Body, Beautifying from the Core…

A Compact Body Loaded with Abundant Functions, Beautifying the Face and Body from the Core

core b.b

5 Modes

Body Shaping

For a healthy, balanced body


Improves Beauty of the Skin and Facial Contours


Tightens from deep within


Strengthens flabby muscles


Refresh & Relax
Comfortable Treatment Using a 1/f Rhythm

Device Specifications

Product Name core b.b
Power Input Less than 2VA
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Waves
Output Frequency 1-1,250,000Hz
Maximum Output Current Approximately 40mArms (Under 500Ω Load)
Timer 10, 20, 30 Minutes
Output Channel 2
Safety Device Overcurrent Protection
Dimensions 180W×130D×50H(mm)
Weight Approximately 300g