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SERAPM Cell Heat SERAPM Cell Heat

SERAPM Cell Heat

Ideal body making starts from Cell Heat

Cell Heat is a body treatment machine and uses RF (radio frequency), which is effective for the cellulite appearance.
Suction, roller (massaging), RF (radio frequency) output are conducted at the same time.
Additional 3 types of probes can conduct the treatment through the body.

SERAPM Cell Heat

Product Features

Suction+ Roller+ RF

The roller moves a whole body while suctioning the skin, resulting in massaging. Also RF output can warm the treatment area.

3 kinds of probes

Optimal probes for different areas and purpose can be used.

2 kinds of mode

Strong suction, reel-up by rollers and massage by moving rollers can approach throughout the body.

Treatment gently to skin with the suction and output for face.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM Cell Heat
Power Input Less than 120W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform Square wave
Output Frequency 1MHz
Timer 1-99 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 125V 3A B-Type
Dimensions Approximately 430W x 365D x 910H (mm)
Weight Approximately 35kg