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Renewal of SERAPM BODY P4 to be used easier.
Advanced treatment for beautiful and ideal body.

SERAPM BODY P4α is an M-cube wave EMS beauty device. By treating the inner muscles (deep tissue), which are difficult to tighten in normal physical exercise, the device brings out a beautiful form from the inside.


Product Features

Various Treatments Possible through 4 Channels and 8 Pads

SERAPM BODY P4α has 4 channel outputs, so it can simultaneously treat 2 areas at once, such as the stomach and the thighs.
And of course, all of these effective treatments can be performed in the same location. Select the treatment area that corresponds to each case.

3 Types of Basic Modes

Shape Up Thick Areas of Fat and Thin Areas of Muscle
(Shapes hips and waist, treats the bust)

Shapes Up Thin Areas of Fat and Large Areas of Muscles
(Shapes Back, Legs, and Upper Arms)

Rhythm of 1/f fluctuation,
rhythm in the natural phenomenon like sound of river or wave

Interval Function

The interval has a repeating function for turning the current on (operating) and off. Treatment can be easily carried out when turned off. Recommended for those just starting treatment and those who are not physically active. Recommended to shape up busts, calves, backs, and more.

11 Types of Hammer Level

(Muscle Stimulation Level: 0-10)
Supports thick muscles that have undergone repeated exercise along with weak muscles that are not physically active.

LED Display

The LED clearly displays the timer, output level, and various selected information.

Front Heating Panel

The heater panel is located in the front, which makes it easy to start the electrodes and provides ample storage.

Synchro button

Synchro button can synchronize the timer settings of any channels.
It can shorten the setting time.

Other Convenient Functions

Independent timers for 4 channels are equipped.
The treatment time can be set easily by the control knob. (Setting time: 1-99 minutes)
●Sound Notifications
Understand the status of the device while working due to output of handling sounds, warning sounds, power sounds, and completion sounds. Adjust to your preferred volume in the volume settings.
●Angel Wing Cord Hanger
Beautiful Setting Avoids Tangled Cords
●Mobile 360 Degree Casters for Easy Movement

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM BODY P4α
Power Input 95W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Wave
Output Frequency 1-1,250,000Hz
Maximum Output Current Approximately 70mA (Under 500Ω Load)
Timer 1-99 Minutes
Output Channel 4
Safety Device Over Current
Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 125V 3A B-Type
Dimensions 476W×623D×979H(mm)
Weight Approximately 33kg