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8 Channel and 16 Pad M-Cube Waves Provide Body Shaping from Deep Within

The SERAPM BODY 8 is an M-cube wave EMS beauty device. By treating the inner muscles (deep tissue), which are difficult to tighten in normal physical exercise, the device brings out a beautiful form from the inside.


Product Features

Classification by Color

The knob colors have been redone. They are now easier to use and operate by matching with the pad cord colors.

Convenient Electrode Placement

Electrodes are placed at the rear. It is now easier to handle multiple electrodes.

Three Types of Basic Modes

●A Mode
This mode is recommended for weak muscles that are not physically active, and for areas with lots of fat.
●B Mode
This mode is recommended for low fat areas and areas with lots of muscle.
●C Mode
This mode is recommended for relaxation and drainage, with a natural 1/f fluctuating rhythm that has a natural, river-like feel.

2 Types of Interval

A repeating function for turning the current on (operating) and off. Turn off to provide simple muscle exercise. Recommended for those just starting treatment and those who are not physically active.
●Interval 1
This rhythm is based on exercise concepts to have a favorable degree of resistance that is effective in burning fat.
Recommended to shape up busts, calves, backs, and more.
●Interval 2
Recommended for relaxation, as the rhythm provides comfortable, massaging sensation.
Recommended to shape up upper arms, assist with discomfort in the legs, and more.

Today Body Shaping

Treats up to 8 areas simultaneously, creating a balanced body.

Treat 4 Areas in 2 People Simultaneously

The output of each channel can be adjusted independently to treat multiple people with one device. This allows for effective use in a salon.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM BODY E8
Power Input Less than 100W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Wave
Output Frequency 1-1,250,000Hz
Maximum Output Current 60 ± 20mArms(Under 500Ω Load)
Timer Continuous, 10, 20, 30, 40 Minutes
Output Channel 8
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse 125 V 2A, B
Dimensions Approximately 450W x 350D x 960H (mm)
Weight Approximately 17kg