ELEMENT, a Consolidated Ultrasonic Wave Device for Handy Probe

With one ultrasonic wave probe outputting 1MHz and 3MHz treatments, select from the DS-W102, which integrates random access waves with ultrasonic medical treatment, or the DS-W102H, which integrates M-cube waves. Provide combined treatment, simultaneously or individually outputting low frequency and ultrasonic wave.

Product Features

Handy Probe

Handy Probe supports combined treatments, outputting ultrasonic and low frequency waves. The head is sized to support everything from uneven joint areas to large abdominal areas, reducing the time it takes to exchange probes for treatment areas. The head material is designed to improve durability, made of stainless steel instead of common aluminum.


Easily grips against tendons and muscles. Apply suitable pressure to provide treatment.
*V-Stick is an optional part.

Grobe Electrode

Use the palm or fingertips to provide treatment while monitoring the condition of the target area.
*Probe Electrode is an optional part.

“Heart” Design to Save Power

Reduces power in standby mode. Automatically checks the device state, and automatically adjusts the display and cooling fan.

Device Specifications

Product Name USTRON DS-W102
Medical Device Certification Number USTRON DS-W102:223ALBZX00024000
USTRON DS-W102H:223ALBZX00025000
Generic Name Combination Low Frequency/Ultrasonic Wave Treatment Device for Physical Therapy
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
JMDM Code 70623000
Shock Protection Type Class I Device
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type Applied Part
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 80VA
Channel Ultrasonic Waves: 1
Low Frequency Waves: 2
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 5A (AC125V B-Type Fuse)
Output Fuse: 0.1A (AC250V Fast Acting-Type)
Dimensions 365W x 325D x 135H (mm)
Weight USTRON DS-W102: 7.0kg
USTRON DS-W102H: 6.7kg

Low Frequency Output Specifications

Maximum Output Voltage USTRON DS-W102:85±15Vp-p(Under 500Ω Load)
USTRON DS-W102H:100±20Vp-p(Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Output Current USTRON DS-W102:70±10mArms(Under 500Ω Load)
USTRON DS-W102H:70±10mArms(Under 500Ω Load)
Output Frequency USTRON DS-W102:1.1kHz~1.6kHz
USTRON DS-W102H:2.7kHz±10%
Treatment Timer 1-99 Minutes

Ultrasonic Wave Output Specifications

Maximum Ultrasonic Wave Output 1.1Mhz: Continuous 5.1W±20%, Pulse 3.8W±20%
3.3MHz:Continuous 3.7W±20%, Pulse 2.8W±20%
Maximum Effective Strength 1.1Mhz:Continuous 5.1W±20%, Pulse 3.8W±20%
3.3MHz:Continuous 3.7W±20%, Pulse 2.8W±20%
Effective Radiation Area 1.1MHz:2.5cm2±30%
Beam Non-uniformity Ratio 1.1MHz:3.3±30%
Treatment Timer 1-30 Minutes