Combination treatment according to symptoms

It outputs 1MHz and 3 MHz of ultrasonic and low frequency electrical stimulation at the same time (combination therapy). It is possible to suppress the standing wave by changing the frequency with 0.1 second unit and switching the ouput probe and fix the probe to the affected area to treat. Low frequency electrical stimualtion is selected from Random Access Wave, which is for DS-602, and M cube Wave, which is for DS-602H.

Product Features

Suctin electrodes which can widen teh range of approach

Attaching a suction cup to a multi probe cuts the procedure of fixing the probe with a magic band.
A suction unit and suction cups are optional items.
It can be easily attached to a round part such as shoulders and knees or a preferred part.
It can be attached to round parts such as shoulder and knee and other special parts.

7 basic modes

Microcurrent with 1.6kHz(DS-602)
Rondom Access Wave is output as microcurrent with the waveform as it is.

Microccurent with 2.7kHz(DS-602H)
M Cube Wave is output as microcurrent. Unique approach of a complex wave is possible.

Program mode

The combination of up to 5 modes and the combination of interval and polarity can be used to treat each patient.

Touch panel

Because the display part is a touch panel, so you can operate items to be set with your own finger intuitively.

Multi cart (exclusively for USTRON)

You can move the device while putting or storing a gel and probes. It is possible to adjsut the height of the shelf to which USTRON is put, according to the treatment scene.
A multi cart is an optional item.

Versatile electrodes which can apply to various parts

Handy probe M

The 27mm sized head can treat from the joint to the muscle belly.

Handy probe L

It can approach to the wide area of diameter 60mm such as lower back and femoral.

Multi probes

By using max 5 probes, the ultrasound treatment can be performed in a wider area.
In fact, they are fixed with velcro bands.

Adhesive electrodes

You can attach it even on the curved surfaces and uneven areas.

Glove-type electrodes

Using a palm and fingertips, you can always treat while feeling the condition of the affected area.
Glove-type electrodes are optional items.


It is easy to hold muscles and tendons using it and you can treat them with applying moderate pressure.
A V-stick is optional items.

Device Specifications

Product Name USTRON DS-602
Medical Device Certification Number USTRON DS-602:229ALBZX00005000
USTRON DS-602H:229ALBZX00012000
Generic Name Combination Low Frequency/Ultrasonic Wave Treatment Device for Physical Therapy
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
JMDN Code 70623000
Shock Protection Type Class I Device
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type Applied Part
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 50VA
Channel Ultrasonic Waves: 1
Low Frequency Waves: 2
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Over Power Control
Probe Disconnection Detection
Dimensions 330W×335D×140H(mm)
Weight USTRON DS-602:5.3kg
USTRON DS-602H:5.0kg

Low Frequency Output Specifications

Maximum Output Voltage
(Under 500Ω Load)
DS602 > Low Frequency 1:70±10mArms Low Frequency 2:[1]750±150μArms [2]100±20μArms Low Frequency 3:750±
DS602-H > Low Frequency 1:70±10mArms Low Frequency2:[1]750±150μArms [2]100±20μArms Low Frequency 3:750±150μArms
Maximum Output Voltage
(Under 500Ω Load)
DS602 > Low Frequency 1:85±15Vp-p  Low Frequency 2:[1]1.3±0.2Vp-p [2]0.6±0.12Vp-p Low Frequency 3:1.0±0.2Vp-p
DS602H > Low Frequency 1:100±20Vp-p Low Frequency 2:[1]1.3±0.2Vp-p [2]0.6±0.12Vp-p Low Frequency 3:1.0±0.2Vp-p
Output Frequency
(Under 500Ω Load)
DS602 > Low Frequency 1:1.1kHz±10% ~ 1.6kHz±10% Low Frequency 2:[1]333Hz±10% [2]0.3Hz±10% Low Frequency 3:1.6kHz±10%
DS-602H > Low Frequency 1:2.7kHz±10% Low Frequency 2:[1]333Hz±10% [2]0.3Hz±10% Low Frequency 3:2.7kHz±10%
Treatment Timer 1-99 Minutes

Ultrasonic Wave Output Specifications

Maximum Ultrasonic Wave Output 1.1Mhz: Continuous 5.0W±20%,Pulse 4.0W±20%
3.3Mhz: Continuous 4.0W±20%,Pulse 3.0W±20%
Maximum Effective Strength 1.1Mhz: Continuous 2.5W/cm2±20%,Pulse 2.0W/cm2±20%
3.3Mhz: Continuous 2.5W/cm2±20%,Pulse 2.0W/cm2±20%
Treatment Timer 1-30 Minutes