Made for vigorous treatment and ease-of-use. A new compact model in the SUPER TECHTRON Series is born.

The SUPER TECHTRON HP200-X is a physical therapy device with 2 suction channels. The mobile, compact body easily moves from bedside to bedside, and achieves comfortable treatment.

We want to satisfy the patient’s needs. With this desire in mind, the device is equipped with a multiple electrodes to provide specific treatment personalized for the patient.


Press the two spherical parts against the treatment area to power the device on. Provides targeted treatment for the hips, shoulders, and more.

Glove Electrode

The touch of the hands are crucial. This device provides treatment while touching the affected area.

Point Probe S + Adhesive Electrode

Provide pinpointed treatment for the targeted area. Use the adhesive electrode on the opposite side. The electrode easily adheres next to the treatment area.

Suction Electrode (Medium)

Using the suction pressure, the electrode easily mounts on curved surfaces.

Select from 5 Output Waveforms for Various Symptoms

Select from among 5 output waveforms to carry out treatment that corresponds with the symptoms.

Device Specifications

Medical Device Certification Number 220ALBZX00056000220ALBZX00056000
Generic Name Low Frequency Treatment Device
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Shock Protection Type Class I Device
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type Applied Part
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 200VA
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 3A
Output Fuse: 100mA
Dimensions 430W x 365D x 990H (mm)
Weight 35kg

Low Frequency Output Specifications

Maximum Output Voltage 85Vp-p(Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Output Current 70mArms(Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Suction Pressure -35kPa
Output Frequency 1.1-1.6kHz
Output Waveform A, B, C, D, E
Treatment Timer 1-99 Minutes or Continuous
Output Channel 2