Ultrashort wave treatment device. Provides a warming effect to the body.

The RISETRON NX is Ultrashort wave treatment device for home use. It provides warming effects to the body using Ultrashort waves. The device is equipped with three easy-to-use functions that allow for immediate use.

Ultrashort wave

Ultrashort waveTreatment Device for Home Use

This home-use Ultrashort wave treatment device is intended for deep heating treatment of tissue. The device irradiates targeted areas of the body using high frequency electromagnetic energy between 13MHz and 2,450Mhz. RISETRON NX utilizes a frequency of 27.12MHz, which is within the scope intended for medical use.

Warms the Body not just Warming the Skin

Ultrashort wave vibrate the tissue at a high frequency of 27,000,000 times a second. RISETRON NX provides warming effects, heating the muscle of the targeted area not just heating the skin. When the probe comes into contact with the targeted area, it irradiates it with 27.12MHz of electromagnetic energy, treating the area through these heating effects.

Narrow Ultrashort wave Output Avoids Targeting the Entire Body

RISETRON NX utilizes a probe with a small output area rather than a cover type, in which the ultrashort waves hit a wide range of the body. The device moves about freely, allowing the user to move the probe to the area of concern, rather than targeting the entire body.

Two Probes

Long Probe Type Effective on Stiff Shoulders

The long, curved probe can be used to easily treat the shoulders, back, and other places that cannot be easily reached by hand. The device can even provide treatment over a thin piece of clothing, which is incredibly convenient as it allows for immediate use whenever necessary.

Handy Probe Type for Easy Use Across Wide Area

This type of probe can be used across a wide area, including on legs and the abdomen, and can treat difficult-to-reach areas such as the knees. In addition, when treating two people at a time, it can also be used to treat areas such as the back. Provides treatment with a gentle touch.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use with Large Buttons and Simple Operability

Begin operating by simply powering the device on and pressing the start button. Then just adjust the strength and set the timer. The buttons are also large and easy-to-understand, making operation easy.

Easy-to-See Large LCD Display

The large LCD display allows for quick confirmation of device status, such as the remaining time on the timer, what kind of treatment is being carried out, and more.

Loaded with Various Safety Devices

Includes burn protection functions, over power controls, and probe movement detection. In addition, the device undergoes a strict quality control inspection at the factory.

Use RISETRON NX to treat these symptoms.

Warming Effects

○Treat Fatigue ○Improve Blood Circulation ○Relieve Tired Muscles
○Loosen Stiff Muscles ○Treat Muscle Pain and Neuralgia
○Stimulate Gastrointestinal Activity

Device Specifications

Product Name RISETRON NX
Medical Device Certification Number 225AFBZX00069000
Generic Name Ultrashort wave Treatment Device for Home Use
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Shock Protection Type Class II
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 50W
Safety Device Start/Stop Switch
Over Power Control
Probe Disconnection Detection
Probe Movement Detection
Dimensions 220W x 175D x 93H (mm)
Weight 1.5kg
Medical Device Attached Document(s) Download

Ultrashort wave Specifications

Ultrashort wave Output 20W±6W
Oscillating Frequency 27.12MHz±162.72kHz
Treatment Timer 5, 10, 20, 30 Minutes
Output Channel 1