Ultrashort waves give a thermal effect to the body.

Ultrashort waves are a method of warming from the core of the body. The warming way of inducing the heat through the skin such as heating pads, will warm the surface of the body immediately, but it is difficult to warm up to the core of the body and it is not sustainable. On the contrary, ultrashort waves will warm to the deeper body and it is effective for a long time.

Product Features

Themal treatment from the core-Ultrashort wave Treatment Device

Ultrashort waves are high frequency waves which cause the 27 million oscillations per a second to the tissue. When the ultrashort waves pass the tissue, they warm the deep parts (muscles) of the body by oscillating the cells and generating the frictional heat. RISETRON EX uses 27.12MHz out of the frequencies used for medical purposes.

The probe is a conclusive factor! You can use it whenever you feel “painful”.

It does not take time to be attached because it is a probe type.

You do not take time to attach the device because it warms the body with a probe method. The point is the ease-to-use, which means you can start the treatment just by pressing the button whenever you feel painful.

You can use it freely to the part which you are care about.

You can apply the probe to the part which you are care about, pressing and rubbing the body with it to get warm.You can also treat comfortably even to the area which is hardly to reach the hand such as shoulders and back.

Easy operation, message display

You can operate it easily just by pressing the power button and start button. To prevent burns, the message will be displayed on the LCD screen on the main unit to alert you.

Use RISETRON EX to treat these symptoms.

Warming Effects

○Treat Fatigue ○Improve Blood Circulation ○Relieve Tired Muscles
○Loosen Stiff Muscles ○Treat Muscle Pain and Neuralgia
○Stimulate Gastrointestinal Activity

Device Specifications

Product Name RISETRON EX
Medical Device Certification Number 224AFBZX00134000
Generic Name Ultrashort wave Treatment Device for Home Use
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Shock Protection Type Class II
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 50W
Dimensions 220W x 175D x 93H (mm)
Weight 1.5kg±10%
Medical Device Attached Document Download

Ultrashort wave Specifications

Ultrashort wave Output 20W
Oscillating Frequency 27.12MHz
Treatment Timer 1-60 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Safety Device Start/Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 4A