The lightweight allows for full utilization.

The Regulus is a professional M-cube conditioning machine. It can be used anywhere, whether outside or in a stadium.

Product Features

Product Details

■Lightweight 1.5kg Design
Takes the user’s needs into account, achieving a lightweight body for easy carrying.
■Loaded with a Unique Waveform
M-cube waves target the inner muscles.
■6 Hours of Continuous Use
The dedicated battery allows for outdoor use as well.
*Dedicated battery is optional.

The Regulus boasts versatile applications, including outdoor training and fitness.

●Targets the inner muscles, which are difficult to train in normal exercise.
●The stimulus has a soft feel, with none of the stinging pain characteristic of electricity.
●The constantly changing M-cube waves provide proper exercise to the muscles without letting the muscles become habituated.

7-Step Hammer

The hammer level adjusts across 7 steps for use in a variety of scenarios. Select the optimal stimulation to correspond with conditions.

Uses a Variable Interval Function

Carry out a wide range of training to suit your preferences by configuring the current on/off intervals between 1-19 seconds.

Uses Simple-to-Apply Adhesive Pads

Operation is easy and takes no time. Simply apply the adhesive pad to the target area and turn on. Those who are pregnant, have heart conditions, have contagious skin diseases, or have received special instruction from a doctor should take the instructed course of action.

Device Specifications

Product Name Regulus
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input Less than 40VA
Output Frequency 1Hz-125,000Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Wave
Output Channel # 2
Timer 1-99 Minutes or Continuous
Safety Device Overcurrent Protection
Mode Continuous Power, Interval Power
Additional Functions Hammer (Adjustable)
Dimensions 340W x 230D x 85H (mm)
Weight Approximately 1.5kg