Targets areas of concern. Three heads provide total care for the entire body.

The R-cube features three heads.Automatically switch between three varying ultrasonic waves, providing smooth support to various skin areas.

Product Features

3 Ultrasonic Waves

The ultrasonic waves subtly vibrate at 500,000 to 3,000,000 times a second, activating the skin. The varying frequency of the ultrasonic waves randomly stimulates deeply into the surface of the skin, smoothly providing care to any area of the body.

Indulge in Care Anywhere

For Those in Need of Care Regardless of Time and Place Pursues an easy-to-use design and functionality to allow for flexible care to accommodate your busy schedule. Treatment is effective while warming up with a relaxing, beautifying bath. Can be freely used in the bathroom and sink without worrying about water.
*Do not leave in water/bath for long periods of time. After using, pull out of water/bath momentarily before using again.

[Simple Controls for Easy Operation]
Operates simply using two easy-to-understand buttons. Switches automatically between three ultrasonic waves, so you can easily carry out treatment with the device touching the skin as it spins.

Simple Care of Target Areas
Sized to comfortably fit into the hands for care that reaches every corner of the body. Easily treat areas that cannot be reached by using the extension cover.

Rechargeable Cordless Type for Convenient Use
The charger mounts on a stand, allowing it to quickly be used whenever convenient.

From Cleansing to Warming Up, Abundant Applications for Use

Not only can the device be used for treating the body, it also provides effective support for pre-work out warm ups and for cleansing the skin. Enjoy using in a way that fits your lifestyle.

For Daily Cleansing
The subtlety of the vibrations of the ultrasonic waves creates a micro-massage that helps clean the skin. The ultrasonic waves assist with cleaning dirty areas that remain after going through the cleansing treatment.

Before Stretching
Upon looking into the R-cubes synergistic effects with EMS devices and abdominal work outs, the treatment results in changes to exercise after use, making it useful as a treatment method before stretching.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM R CUBE
Rated Input (When Charged) 6.5W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Frequency 500kHz 1MHz 3MHz
Timer 10 Minutes
Output Channel 1
Dimensions Approximately 226W x 89D x 57H (mm)
Weight Approximately 300g
Battery Charge Time Approximately 3 Hours
Usage Time Approximately 3 Hours