This device provides new methods for physical therapy.

Boasting excellent BNR*, the USTRON provides stable radiation at both 1MHz and 3MHz, and can automatically switch between the desired level.
*BNR refers to beam non-uniformity ratio, the average intensity of the ultrasonic wave (W/cm2).

Product Features

Handy Probe

Handy Probe supports combined treatments, outputting ultrasonic waves and electrical stimulation. The head is sized to correspond with various body parts, decreasing the time it takes to replace the electrode.


With Multi-Probe, use up to 5 probes to provide fixed ultrasonic wave radiation for a wide range of targeted areas. A selectable output pattern reduces the occurrence of standing waves even when used in a fixed position.

Detailed Interval Settings

Configure raise and lowering method, the duration time when raising and lowering, and current on/off interval duration.. Carry out treatment that is configured to correspond with the symptoms.

Hammer Level

Select the range of hammer strength from 0-10. Carry out treatment with a hammer level that corresponds to the symptoms.

Polarity Switch

Configure the time for polarity switching. Carry out treatment that is configured to correspond with the symptoms.

Device Specifications

Product Name USTRON DS-W611
Medical Device Certification Number 221ALBZX00010000221ALBZX00010000
Generic Name Combination Low Frequency/Ultrasonic Wave Treatment Device for Physical Therapy
Medical Device Classification Controlled Medical Device
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
JMDN Code 70623000
Shock Protection Type Class I Device
Shock Protection Amount BF-Type Applied Part
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Input 80VA
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
Stop Switch
Power Fuse: 5A
Output Fuse: 0.1A
Ultrasonic Probe Connection Detection
Dimensions 365W (Excluding Folder Part) x 325D x 135H (mm)
Weight 7.0kg
Medical Device Attached Document(s) Download

Low Frequency Output Specifications

Maximum Output Voltage Random Access Waves: 85±15Vp-p (Under 500Ω Load)
M-Cube Waves: 100±20Vp-p (Under 500Ω Load)
Maximum Output Current Random Access Waves: 70±10mArms (Under 500Ω Load)
M-Cube Waves 100±20Vp-p (Under 500Ω Load)
Output Frequency Random Access Waves: 1.1kHz-1.6kHz
M-Cube Waves: 2.7kHz±10%
Treatment Timer 1-99 Minutes

Ultrasonic Wave Output Specifications

Maximum Ultrasonic Wave Output 1.1Mhz: Continuous 5.1W±20%,Pulse 3.8W±20%
3.3Mhz: Continuous 3.7W±20%,Pulse 2.8W±20%
Maximum Effective Strength 1.1Mhz: Continuous 2.0W/cm2±20%,Pulse 1.5W/cm2±20%
3.3Mhz: Continuous 2.0W/cm2±20%,Pulse 1.5W/cm2±20%
Effective Radiating Area 1.1MHz:2.5cm2±30%
Beam Nonuniformity Ratio 1.1MHz:3.3±30%
Treatment Timer 1-30 Minutes
Channel # 3