Trains the Inner Muscle, Creating a Contoured Body from Deep Within

The SERAPM BODY P2 is a M-cube wave EMS beauty device. By treating the inner muscles (deep tissue), which are difficult to tighten in normal physical exercise, the device brings out a beautiful form from the inside.

Product Features

Interval Function

A function that repeatedly powers the current on (operating) and off. Recommended for those starting treatment or those who are not physically active.

Program Modes

7 programs optimized for treatment areas have been created from 66 treatment patterns combining the basic mode + hammer + current off.
●Offering Treatments Optimized for Each Area
●Treatment Configuration is Simple to Operate
*Configure the program mode while carrying out treatment, change the basic mode, turn intervals on/off, and adjust hammer output.

3 Types of Basic Modes

Shape Up Thick Areas of Fat and Thin Areas of Muscle (Treat Bust, Hip and Stomach Contours, Etc.)
Shapes Up Thin Areas of Fat and Large Areas of Muscles (Treat Back, Legs, Upper Arms, Etc.)
The 1/f fluctuating rhythm is a naturally occurring rhythm heard in the flow of the river and the sounds and waves.

Device Specifications

Product Name SERAPM BODY P2
Power Input Less than 200W
Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V 50/60Hz
Output Waveform M-Cube Waves
Output Frequency 1-1,250,000Hz
Maximum Output Current 70mA x 2
Timer 1-99 Minutes or Continuous
Output Channel # 2
Safety Device Zero Start Mode
3A Power Fuse
100mA Output Fuse
Dimensions 330W x 365D x 983H (mm)
Weight Approximately 38kg